Sunday, May 17, 2015

Eternal Cycles

Hello Friends,

It has been some years since I have posted on this blog - so much has changed in the meantime but thankfully, with God's grace, I have returned!

I have found Fr. Jaki's work a continuing source of inspiration these past years and for those unaware another book of his essays was recently published posthumously - "Uncodified Conspiracy and other essays", noteworthy for Jaki's essays on Rutherford and Polanyi amongst others.

I raise a question on this post and it relates to the work of Fr. Ernan mcMullin, a philosopher of science of the University of Notre Dame. From my research, I can find but one book where Jaki references McMullin and briefly at that (The Road of Science and the Ways to God). Should anyone have any other references please share as I would be interested to read them.

A google search with both of their names returned this interesting essay by Dominican Benedict Ashley OP of St. Louis University on "The Need for a Solidly Grounded Metaphysics", echoing a point cherished by Fr. Jaki.

I leave the link here for those interested:

I look forward to posting once again - raising questions, but more importantly, being an 'auditor', taking literal sense from the Latin as "one who listens" to your informed replies!