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Chance or Reality and Other Essays (contents)

Chance or Reality and Other Essays
by Stanley L. Jaki
1986 (Lanham, Md and London: University Press of America;
Bryn Mawr, Pa.: The Intercollegiate Studies Inc., 1986), viii + 250pp

  1. Chance or Reality: Interaction in Nature Versus Measurement in Physics
    Paper read during the 5th International Humanistic Symposium organised by the "Hellenic Society for Humanistic Studies" in Portaria/Pelion (September 16-22, 1981) on "Freedom and Necessity in European Civilization. Perspectives of Modern Consciousness." Permission to publish the paper immediately in Philosophia (Athens) 10-11 (1981), pp. 85-102, was given by the Hellenic Society, which published in full the Proceedings of the Symposium in 1985.
  2. From Subjective Scientists to Objective Science
    Paper presented at the 3d International Humanistic Symposium in Athens and Pelion, 1975; reprinted with permission from its Proceedings, Athens, 1977, pp. 314-30.
  3. Maritain and Science
    This paper was presented at the meeting which the American Maritain Association held at Princeton University, October 28-29, 1983, in commemoration of the centenary of Maritain's birth. Since shortly after that meeting I was able to consult the archives of Lycée Henri IV and of the Sorbonne, and relevant dossiers in the Archives Nationales, I felt it appropriate to rewrite and expand the section dealing with Maritain's student years. Reprinted with permission from The New Scholasticism 58 (1984) pp. 267-92.
  4. Chesterton's Landmark Year: The Blatchford-Chesterton Debate of 1903-1904
    This article is based on a paper delivered at the Conference, "Gilbert Keith Chesterton 1874-1936: An Interdisciplinary Approach," at the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., March 10, 1984. Reprinted with permission from The Chesterton Review 10 (1984), pp. 409-23.
  5. Goethe and the Physicists
    Reprinted with permission from American Journal of Physics 37 (1969), pp. 195-203.
  6. A Hundred Years of Two Cultures
    This and the next chapter represent the text of lectures delivered on February 26 and 28, 1975, to inaugurate a lecture series on culture and knowledge sponsored by Assumption University, University of Windsor. Reprinted with permission from The University of Windsor Review 11 (1975), pp. 55-79 and 80-103.
  7. Knowledge in an Age of Science
    (see chapter 6 for provenance of this essay)
  8. The Role of Faith in Physics
    This paper was originally presented as a lecture at Kansas State University, February 16, 1967. Reprinted with permission from Zygon 2 (1967), pp. 187-202.
  9. Theological Aspects of Creative Science
    This paper is based on a lecture given at Princeton University on Feb. 20, 1975, in commemoration of the centenary of Albert Schweitzer's birth. Reprinted with permission from Creation, Christ and Culture: Studies in Honor of T. F. Torrance, ed. R. W. A. McKinney (Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1976), pp. 149-66.
  10. The University and the Universe
    Paper read at the Faculty Retreat of Pepperdine University, October 9-10, 1981, and reprinted from its Proceedings, Freedom, Order and the University (Malibu, California: Pepperdine University Press, 1982), pp. 43-68.
  11. The Greeks of Old and the Novelty of Science
    Reprinted with permission from the Festschrift in memory of Konstanin I. Vourveris (1902-1981), Professor of Greek at the University of Athens and Founder-President of Hellenic Society for Humanistic Studies (Athens, 1983), pp. 263-77.
  12. Christian Culture and Duhem's Work
    Reproduced with permission from The Dawson Newsletter 3 (Summer 1984), pp. 6-8, where it appeared under the title, "An Author's Reflections," in connection with the publication of his work, Uneasy Genius: The Life and Work of Pierre Duhem (Dordrecht, London and Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1984), pp. xi + 470, illustrations, notes, list of Duhem's publications, name and subject index.
  13. On Whose Side Is History?
    Reprinted with permission from National Review, August 23, 1985, pp. 41-47.

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