Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Challenge for Our Members

One of our members noted an interesting line in this obituary which he found on this blogg - where you can also find some pictures of Fr. Jaki's list lecture visit to Roma.

Here is the text in question:
I once asked him a couple of innocent questions about modern science, and the challenge it presented to Christianity, and he said to me, sternly, 'You have things backward. The challenge is to the atheists. Never let your opponents set the rules or the playing ground.' He sent me a list of 10 or 12 books to read. 'Looks good, but I don't know if I have time to read them all, Father,' I replied, with typical youthful insouciance. 'No!!' he exploded. 'You must read them - you cannot be uninformed! We have too many uninformed Christians. Ignorance of the faith is forbidden, young man - it is forbidden - it is a sin, a sin!'"
[excerpted from link specified above, emphasis added]

The challenge: what books might Father Jaki recommend? Does anyone recall seeing such a list - perhaps in his autobiography? Or does anyone have a connection with the writer(s) in question, that they might be asked about such a list?

Meanwhile, it might be a good mental exercise to attempt to set up our own lists...


The Cogitator said...

Gilson's Methodical Realism and The Unity. 2
Whittaker's Gifford Lectures (?) on Arguments for God and the End of the World. 2
Duhem's Phenomena and Physical Theory. 2
Frances Yates's books on Bruno and Hermeticism. 2
One or two of his own works highlighting Gödelian limitations in science (and the "impassable divide"). 2

That makes about 10. I'm curious to know what books he actually said!


Magdalen Ross said...

Another book he recommended -- though I don't know if it was on the "list" of 10 or 12 mentioned above -- is "Moral Absolutes" by William May.