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The Absolute Beneath the Relative and Other Essays (contents)

The Absolute Beneath the Relative and other essays
by Stanley L. Jaki
1988 (Lanham, Md., and London: University Press of America; Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 1988), viii+233pp.

  1. "The Absolute Beneath the Relative: Reflections on Einstein's Theories"
    First published in The Intercollegiate Review (Spring/Summer 1985), pp. 29-38.
  2. "The Impasse of Planck's Epistemology"
    First published in Philosophia (Athens), 15-16 (1985-86), pp. 467-88.
  3. "The Metaphysics of Discovery and the Rediscovery of Metaphysics"
    Lecture delivered at the Fifty-second Annual Meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, April 1, 1978. Reprinted with permission from its Proceedings, vol. LII (1978), pp. 188-96 with additional notes.
  4. "God and Man's Science: A View of Creation"
    Lecture delivered at Hillsdale College in October 1983. First published in The Christian Vision: Man in Society (Hillsdale, MI: Hillsdale College Press, 1984), pp. 35-49.
  5. "Brain, Mind, and Computers"
    Address given at the invitation of the American Scientific Affiliation at its Convention in August 1970, and first published in Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation, 24 (March 1972), pp. 12-17.
  6. "The Role of Physics in Psychology: The Prospects in Retrospect"
    Lecture given at the invitation of the Department of Psychology, University of Chicago, March 10, 1967.
  7. "Order in Nature and Society: Open or Specific?"
    First published in Order Freedom and the Polity: Critical Essays on the Open Society, ed. G. W. Carey (Lanham, MD: University Press of America and Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 1986), pp. 91-111.
  8. "Scientific Ethics and Ethical Science"
    Lecture delivered under the auspices of the Hellenic Society for Humanistic Studies, Athens, September 26, 1973, and published as Nr. 26 of its Studies and Researches. Second Series; Athens, 1974, pp. 39-53.
  9. "The Physics of Impetus and the Impetus of the Koran"
    First published in Modern Age (Spring 1984), pp. 153-60.
  10. "The Last Century of Science: Progress, Problems, and Prospects"
    Lecture delivered in September 1972 in Delphi at the Second International Symposium of the Hellenic
    Society for Humanistic Studies. First published in the Proceedings of the Symposium, Athens, 1973, pp. 248-64.
  11. "Science and Censorship: Hélene Duhem and the Publication of the Système du monde"
    Paper read at the meeting of the History of Science Society at Ludiauq University, November 1984. First published in The Intercollegiate Review (Winter 1985-86), pp. 41-49.
  12. "Monkeys and Machine-guns: Evolution, Darwinism, and Christianity"
    First published in Chronicles of Culture (August 1986), pp. 15-18.
  13. "The Demythologization of Science"
    This paper, written in 1967, is published here for the first time. About its original delivery, note 1 states this was the subject matter for discussions at the Fourteenth Summer Conference of the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS), Star Island, off Portsmouth, NH, July 13-Aug. 2, 1967.
  14. "Science and Hope"
    First published in The Hillsdale Review 7 (Summer 1985), pp. 3-16.

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