Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Duhem and Jaki on-line

Due to copyright or other restrictions, or the challenges of time, only a very limited sample of the writings of Duhem and Jaki has hitherto been made available out here in the e-cosmos. But at the least, this provides a resource for those who would like to learn a little before actually borrowing or buying their books.

Pierre Duhem
This article on the History of Physics was written for the Catholic Encyclopedia (1907-14) by Pierre Duhem. He also wrote these articles for it:

Nicole Oresme
Jordanus de Nemore
Albert of Saxony
Pierre de Maricourt
Jean de Saxe
Thierry of Freiburg

Fr. Stanley L. Jaki
These essays can be found in the EWTN on-line library:

"Commencement Address" delivered at Christendom College, Front Royal, Virginia, 1991
(from the Summer 1991 issue of Faith & Reason)

"Authoritatively No Authority to Ordain Women"
(from The Wanderer June 30 1994; reprinted in Jaki's The Gist of Catholicism and Other Essays)

"Miracles and the Nobel Laureate" (a review of Alexis Carrell's Voyage to Lourdes)
(from the November 1994 issue of The Catholic World Report; reprinted in Jaki's The Gist of Catholicism and Other Essays)

"Meditation on Newman's Grammar of Assent"
)from the Spring 1989 issue of Faith & Reason; reprinted in Jaki's Newman's Challenge)

"Socrates, or the Baby and the Bathwater"
(from the Spring 1990 issue of Faith & Reason; reprinted in Jaki's Patterns or Principles and Other Essays)

"Liberalism and Theology"
(from the Winter 1994 issue of Faith & Reason; reprinted in The Gist of Catholicism and Other Essays)
Our thanks to Rick for supplying these links:
"The Absolute Beneath the Relative"
(from The Intercollegiate Review, 1985; reprinted in The Absolute Beneath the Relative and Other Essays)

"Science: From the Womb of Religion" (address on receiving the Templeton Prize)
(from The Christian Century October 7, l987, pp. 851-854; reprinted in his The Only Chaos and Other Essays)

Also, several articles are linked here: ISI (in PDF form)

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Rick said...

Here are some links to other articles by Fr. Jaki:
1. The Absolute Beneath the Relative: Reflections on Einstein's Theories
2. Science: From the Womb of Religion
3. This link has articles by Fr. Jaki and some about him.

Sorry, if any are repeats from above.