Saturday, April 18, 2009

Even Physicists...

As you can see, I posted the contents (with Jaki's original notes of provenance) for Chance or Reality and Other Essays. As time permits, I shall add the rest of the essay collections, as we work towards a larger collection of the bibliographies. But at least this is a start, and may even be of some use to someone, if only to tantalize new readers.

Also, in aid of that purpose, from time to time I shall post the rare but sparkling lines of humour which one can find scattered through even Jaki's scholarly work. Such as this where Jaki is speaking of The Relevance of Physics:
...the research that went into the writing of that book, in which only physicists, past and living, speak about physics, made it clear to me that even physicists put their trousers on one leg at a time. (Some theologians give the impression, especially when spouting scientific expressions, that they can crypto-levitate and jump into their trousers with both feet in the air).
[Jaki, The Limits of a Limitless Science 230]

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