Saturday, April 25, 2009

...a Chief Breeding Place of a Subspecies...

For our Saturday, a day of mixed work and play, I have provided the contents list of the next of Fr. Jaki's essay collections, The Absolute Beneath the Relative and Other Essays, which contains the title essay revealing how Einstein's theory of Invariance, the "most absolutist theory ever proposed in the history of science" mocks the advertising world's take that "in the cool beautiful language of mathematics, Einstein demonstrated that we live in a world of relative values." Which may really be a case where Maxwell's silver hammer really does.... Ahem. I must not try to speculate on such things here. Besides, we do not have time to review that book, or even that essay today. We shall do reviews another time.

Rather, let us proceed directly to the dessert, the entertainment portion of our weekly symposium, where I select one of the all-too-rare bits of Jaki-humour for our delight...
After having spent forty years in the academe, I find it to be the chief breeding place of a subspecies, best called spineless vertebrates.
[Jaki, The Limits of a Limitless Science 232]

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