Monday, January 4, 2010

EWTN: The Journey Home

Those familar with EWTN probably have heard of the program 'The Journey Home', hosted by Marcus Grodi, a Lutheran convert, who interviews other converts about their entry into the Catholic Church. To my delight I have found the archive of previous shows on the EWTN site here (or through There are at least 500 interviews from Dale Ahlquist to Fr. Z. Interviews which particularly caught my interest include those with Avery Cardinal Dulles, Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Francis Beckwith, Fr. Graham Leonard (former Anglican Bishop of London), Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and Alice von Hildebrand about the conversion of her husband Dietrich.

There are interviews also with perhaps some lesser known faces whose books may be of interest to readers of the Duhem Society blog.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker - Former Anglican and author of More Christianity, Adventures in Orthodoxy and other books on St. Benedict and the Rosary. Fr. Longenecker will also feature on tonight's show discussing the new Anglican Ordinariate.

Dr. Paul Vitz - Former Nominal Protestant and atheist and author of some very thought-provoking reads, Psychology as Religion, The Self: Beyond the Postmodern Crisis, Faith of the Fatherless and Sigmund Freud's Christian Unconscious, which can be read online here.

Dr. Thomas Howard - Former Evangelical and author of On Being Catholic, Evangelical is Not Enough and guide books to C.S. Lewis amongst others.

Joseph Pearce - Former Anglican and author of The Quest for Shakespeare, Literary Converts and other books on Tolkien, Chesterton and C.S. Lewis

Fr. Ray Ryland - Former Episcopal priest and editor of extracts from V. Soloviev printed in The Russian Church and the Papacy

Dr. Anthony Rizzi - Physicist and author of The Science before Science: A Guide to 21st century thinking [I haven't read this book but it appears to rely heavily on Gilson and Duhem, no doubt father jaki features also!]

Fr. George Rulter - Former Episcopal priest and author of A Crisis of Saints, Coincidentialy and a book on the Cure D'Ars.

~ Jakian Thomist

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