Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Surprise

Father Jaki in Rome

It is timely that on this day, the most important and joyful of the Christian calendar, we reflect on the passing of father Jaki during holy week last year. I remember my sadness upon hearing of his sudden illness and then knowing that he would not be able to reply to the letter I had sent to him. I was reading his Genesis 1 through the ages at the time and his words were echoing through my mind as I listened to the first reading from Genesis during the Easter Vigil that following Saturday.

It amazes me that almost a whole year has past since the foundation of the Duhem Society in father's memory. It was thanks to a link from The Blue Boar that I first discovered this page on the day after father died and I was struck by the wonderful initiative of Dr. Thursday to ensure a continuity of father's thought from then onwards. To think that a few months later I would be contributing myself!

A special day of lectures and no doubt lively discussion (Father would expect no less!) has been organised for the 13th April in Rome (details here) as a fitting tribute. That the programme is to be divided into four sections - biographic, scientific, philosophical and theological, points as evidence that father's talents knew no boundaries and could not be contained within one mere discipline! How I would love to be there, but a combination of work and study prevents me from travelling. (Some guest bloggers may be required to keep everyone informed of the events!)
But here is a surprise for us all to enjoy right now! It was with great amazement that I heard Fr. Jaki being discussed on EWTN's The Journey Home programme last week. Ms. Becky Mayhew, a former Southern Baptist had encountered father through philosopher friends of her deceased husband. I recommend watching the video replay through the JH Website, (the link to the current show is at the bottom of the page) or it can also be heard as mp3 in the past programs section No. 577. Fr. Jaki features 44 minutes into the show. "If you know one thing about Fr. Jaki" she says, you'll know that "he did not suffer fools gladly!"
As father's anniversary approaches on Wednesday, I would ask that all readers of the blog remember him especially in their prayers. Jaki's commitment to Christ and his tireless, unceasing work for the Kingdom is truly an example for us all to follow. May he enjoy the splendor of eternal life with Our Lord and all the saints!

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