Tuesday, July 20, 2010

an important comment

This comment was recently posted, but it is too important to leave there.
At some point we should consider a joint conference - that is, if we ever get around to having conferences.

--Dr. Thursday

Dear Duhem Society,

Fr. Stanley Jaki addressed a number of our Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers meetings between 1992 and his death. We have a web site at www.cas-e.org that announced some of his lectures. There is also a poem "A Tribute to Pierre Duhem" that I wrote to make Duhem's life more known and easily remembered. Perhaps you would like to read it.

I also make an public access interview of Professor Ariew about Duhem and his contributions and placed it on youtube.

Best Regards,
Dr. Francis J. Kelly
The Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers


Dr. Francis J. Kelly said...

On Monday December 13, 2010 the Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers will meet at 7:30 pm at Bates Hall at Ascension Parish in Bowie, Maryland, USA. The main presentation after the recitation of the rosary will be on The Star of Bethlehem a talk on dvd by Atty Frederick Larson.
Atty. Larson has made the great discovery that the Star of Bethlehem was actually the planet Jupiter which had a triple conjunction with Regulus in the constellation Leo in September o 3 BC at the time of the Annunciation, and apparently kissed the planet Venus in June of 2 BC when Christ was born, and stopped (went into retrograde motion) in the sky over Bethlehem as seen from Jerusalem on December 25 of 2BC as the Magi traveled from Jerusalem five miles south to Bethlehem after talking with Herod and the scientists of Jerusalem. Herod later died in the spring of 1BC. This year for Herod's death has been confirmed by recent biblical and historical scholarship. All are invited to the meeting. No charge. Light refreshments will be provided.

Dr. Francis J. Kelly said...

Dear Duhem Society,

I have been in touch with some of the important institutions that Pierre Duhem interacted with during his lifetime.

The centenary of his death is coming up in 2016. We should make sure that there are commemorative meetings in Paris, Rennes, Lille, Bordeaux, Carcassone, Cabrespine (Aude) and perhaps in Princeton in honor of Fr. Jaki's work. We can probably also hold preparatory conferences at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC where CAS+E has held two conferences in the past.

We need to get in touch with his heirs to try to do Pierre and Helene justice.

If you wish to coordinate plans with me on these projects, please email me at kellyfjp@msn.com or write to me at:

Dr. Francis J. Kelly
The Catholic Assn. of Scientists
and Engineers
Box 72
Glenn Dale, Maryland 20769
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