Friday, August 20, 2010

Jaki on the University

Yesterday I posted this on the blogg of the American Chesterton Society which alludes to a possible new University. (See the PS at the very end of the post.) In my consideration of Newman and Jaki as well as Chesterton, I found two very important quotes which I think you will appreciate.
--Dr. Thursday

I think that the tripartite division of functions at a college or university should be carefully respected: students should learn, instead of trying to teach; the faculty should teach instead of trying to run the place; the administration should do its job unfettered, though not to the point of aggravating the teachers by over-administering them.
[SLJ A Mind's Matter 29]

If anything bears witness to the modernity of the Middle Ages, universities do. Modern life is inconceivable without universities, but this was no less true of medieval life which saw their rise in the first place.
[SLJ The Only Chaos 36]


leon dixon said...

Did Dr. Jaki ever comment on geocentrism? Duhem?

Dr. Thursday said...

Certainly, SLJ mentions geocentrism - a quick check with AMBER gives more than 50 entries. The term appears in discussions such as Bible and Science, or in his considerations of the development of astronomy, for example:

[For Ptolmey] the respective merits of heliocentricism and geocentricism meant the contrast between irresponsible conjecture and final, absolute truth. As a result the immense distances implied in the heliocentric ordering of the universe had
no chance in classical times to stimulate cosmological thought.
[SLJ The Relevance of Physics 192]

Duhem mentioned it in passing in his The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory, but as I do not have much more of his writing at hand (and most is in French, and not yet in English) I cannot say further. Perhaps someone who has studied Duhem might comment.

Leon Dixon said...

I am not familiar with AMBER but it sounds like it might be a useful thing to know about.
I am tasked with reading Galileo Was Wrong by Sungenis and am at the place where inferometer studies were showing peculiar things about the speed of light and the speed of Earth thru the Universe. The experiments must have been known by Duhem and possibly commented upon by him.
I will acquire the book on Physics by Jaki and am halfway thru Duhem's Aim. Are there inexpensive Duhem's available?