Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Important News on SLJ Books!

For some time now, I have been aware, by various e-mails and comments, that some members and interested scholars are concerned that Jaki's Science and Creation is out of print and copies are all but unavailable, with almost absurd prices in the used-book market.


Last Thursday, the second anniversary of SLJ's death, I received information from Real View Books that once they have completed work on the "new" books of Father Jaki (that is, those which were awaiting publication when he died), they will resume work on the reprinting work. Science and Creation is high on that list.

This is great news - we must therefore be patient, and show our support for the work of Duhem and Jaki by supporting Real View Books.

Postscript: In the near future, I hope to report on SLJ's new book "Lectures in the Vatican Gardens" which is about to be available.

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berenike said...

Some Pierre Duhem online : a post I found while clicking through some philosophy links. fwiw.